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Econ520 - Advanced Macroeconomic Theory

Spring 2021 - Prof. Lutz Hendricks


  • Apr-21: A very timely post about the U.S.'s net foreign asset position. It talks about exactly the items that we covered in class.
  • Survey about in person classes for the fall term
  • Debate on the minimum wage by UNC faculty members. On 4/19 at 5pm via zoom.
  • The zoom link for office hours (and for class recordings) is on sakai.
  • Feb-23: I made a list of useful sources for your term paper.
  • Feb-22: Since someone is always in quarantine these days, I plan to record future class meetings and post them on sakai. But please do not take this as an invitation to skip classes. This is still an in person class!
  • A related note: I goofed with the Feb-17 recording. Sorry about that.
  • Jan-21: I created a sakai site to post material that should not be visible to the public.
  • Jan-19: The class is full. Waitlists are centralized this year. Please contact the director of undergraduate studies, Geetha Vaidyanathan. If you want to follow class meetings while you are on the waitlist, please contact me for a zoom link.
  • In person classes begin Feb. 8
  • Important: you must have passed Intermediate Macroeconomics to register for this course.
  • Slides will be updated as the course progresses.
  • Final exam: May 14 at noon

Notes on the final exam

  • The final will take place on May 14 from noon to 3pm in the usual class room.
  • I expect that most will finish in less than three hours (which seems like a long time to me for an exam).
  • Material covered: Inequality through the end of class. I expect that asset pricing will be the last topic that we cover this year.
  • The exam will contain a combination of conceptual questions and model applications. See exams from previous years. Note that the material covered varies somewhat from year to year. Don't be surprised if you see questions on material that we did not cover this year.
  • Questions? Just ask! I will be around during the days after the last class meeting for zoom meetings where you can ask questions.

Notes on the midterm

  • March 10, in class.
  • Material covered: through Romer model (we did not get far enough to cover the Inequality material).
  • If you miss the midterm for a valid reason (see Covid related absences), you are entitled to a make-up exam. Alternatively, we can adjust the weight of the final and term paper.
  • The exam will contain a combination of conceptual questions and model applications. See exams from previous years.