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Econ520 - Advanced Macroeconomic Theory

Spring 2021 - Prof. Lutz Hendricks


  • Syllabus
  • Final exam:
  • Dec-7, noon. You will have 3 hours, but I expect that you will need less time than that.
  • Covers material since (including) Open Economy. But note that material is cumulative. While I will not directly ask closed economy AS/AD questions, for example, most of the concepts from before the midterm recur in the post-midterm material.

  • Midterm exam: Oct-5 (in class). Material covered up to (including) trade deficits (but not the open economy models).

  • Sep-17: Everyone should have contacted me about the term paper by now. If you have not, please do so soon! By week 6 (Sep-23), each student should send me a list of 5 references with a brief summary of the main arguments, pro and con, on their chosen topic.
  • There is now a sakai site; to be used in the future for posting grades. It also contains a discussion forum where you can post questions and answers.
  • Important: you must have passed Intermediate Macroeconomics to register for this course.
  • Important: students who do not attend the first week of classes will be dropped from the course. This is department policy. Please contact me if you need an accomodation.
  • Slides will be updated as the course progresses.
  • Tips for taking exams
  • Of potential interest:
  • Business Today's 47th International Conference.
  • Internships with NCPIRG

Schedule of Classes

No class on Oct-12 (University Day), Oct-21 (fall break), Nov-25 (Thanksgiving).

Short Run

Medium Run

Open Economy


Long-run Growth