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Econ520 - Advanced Macroeconomic Theory

Spring 2023 - Prof. Lutz Hendricks


  • Panels on career options for econ majors, Jan 18 to Feb 23
  • Syllabus

  • Final exam:

    • May 8, 4pm. You will have 3 hours, but I expect that you will need less time than that.
    • Material covered: Starting from open economy. I will try to avoid material from the last class (but the Solow model is covered, so that may not be entirely feasible). Also note: the material is, by its nature, cumulative. The open economy models are extensions of the closed economy models. Some issues from before the midterm may therefore come up, but questions will not focus on pre-midterm topics.
  • Midterm exam:

    • Mar 2 (in class). Midterm answer key

    • Material covered: up to (not including) open economy.

  • Important: you must have passed Intermediate Macroeconomics to register for this course.

  • Important: students who do not attend the first week of classes will be dropped from the course. This is department policy. Please contact me if you need an accomodation.
  • Slides will be updated as the course progresses.
  • Tips for taking exams

Schedule of Classes

Short Run

Medium Run

Open Economy

Long-run Growth