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Econ520 - Advanced Macroeconomic Theory

Fall 2023 - Prof. Lutz Hendricks


  • Sep-26: Office hours are now MW 12 to 1pm (to avoid conflicts with faculty meetings).

  • Peer tutoring is available in the EconAid Center

  • Econ recruiting / internship fair

  • Syllabus (contains the wrong email address! The correct one is lhendri at email unc edu)

  • Final exam:

    • Dec 8, 4pm. You will have 3 hours, but I expect that you will need less time than that.
    • Material covered: TBA
  • Midterm exam:

    • Oct 16 (in class).

    • Material covered: TBA

  • Writing assignments

    • due dates moved by one week to account for missed classes at the end of August
  • Important: students who do not attend the first week of classes will be dropped from the course. This is department policy. Please contact me if you need an accomodation.

  • Slides will be updated as the course progresses.
  • Tips for taking exams

Schedule of Classes

Short Run

Medium Run

Open Economy

Long-run Growth

How to Study for This Class

Much of our time will be spent on analyzing models. There is only one way to learn how to do this: solve lots of practice problems. The exams from previous years offer a good selection of such problems.

If you feel that you are falling behind or if you have trouble with the practice problems, come to my office hours (listed on my web page).

You should also read the textbook sections corresponding to the material we study in class. Additional reading material is listed at the end of the slides.


You can help improve this course by letting me know what you like and what you don't like. Drop me an e-mail or come to my office. Feel free to suggest topics you would like to discuss in class.

Past exams

(material in early years differs substantially from current year):