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Research: Human Capital

Current working papers

Selective College Admissions: Implications for Equity and Efficiency

With Oksana Leukhina and Tatyana Koreshkova. Paper coming soon. Slides

Skilled Labor Productivity and Cross-country Income Differences

With Todd Schoellman. (AEJ-Macro 2023)

Accounting for the Evolution of U.S. Wage Inequality [soin]

2013-May-10. Bibtex citation


College Quality and Attendance Patterns: A Long-run View

With Chris Herrington and Todd Schoellman | American Economic Journal - Macroeconomics, 2021. Bibtex entry

Summary in "The Region"

Human Capital and Development Accounting: New Evidence From Immigrant Earnings

With Todd Schoellman, QJE, 2018 | Bibtex entry

The Return to College: Selection and Dropout Risk

With Oksana Leukhina | 2018, International Economic Review | Online Appendix | Bibtex citation

How Risky Is College Investment?

With Oksana Leukhina | 2017, Review of Economic Dynamics | Bibtex citation

Student Abilities During the Expansion of U.S. Education [ability]

With Todd Schoellman. Journal of Monetary Economics, 36: 19-36, 2014.
Appendix. Bibtex citation

Cross-country Variation in Educational Attainment: Structural Change or Within Industry Skill Upgrading? [hdind]

Journal of Economic Growth 15(3), 2010. Bibtex citation.

IPUMS Validation paper.
Mapping from country specific to detailed industries.

The Skill Composition of U.S. Cities [hc_cities]

International Economic Review 52(1): 1-32, 2011. Bibtex citation

Previous title: Educational attainment in U.S. cities.

Taxation and Human Capital Accumulation

Macroeconomic Dynamics 2004, 8(3)

Paper. Bibtex citation

Taxation and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital

Journal of Economics Dynamics and Control 2003, 27(9): 1639-1662.

Paper. Bibtex citation

How Important is Human Capital for Development? Evidence from Immigrant Earnings

American Economic Review 2002, 92(1): 198-219. Bibtex citation.

Technical Appendix. Data table with Mincer regressions and other source country data (MS Excel format).

How Do Taxes Affect Human Capital? The Role of Intergenerational Mobility [hctax]

Review of Economic Dynamics 2001, 4(3): 695-735.

Technical Appendix | Bibtex citation

Growth, Death, and Taxes [gdtax]

Review of Economic Dynamics 2001, 4(1): 26-57.

Bibtex citation

Taxation and Long-Run Growth

Journal of Monetary Economics, 1999, (43)2: 411-434.

Bibtex citation
The Technical Appendix contains details on computation and analytics.
Program files are available in the following zip files:

Older working papers

The Ben-Porath Model and Age-wage Profiles [ojttech]

2012-Nov-27. Bibtex citation

The Evolution of U.S. Wages: Skill Prices versus Human Capital

2012-Feb-23. Bibtex citation

Why Does Education Differ Across Countries? [scd_paper]

Paper (First draft: March 2005). Bibtex citation


MisMatch in Human Capital Accumulation