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Econ920 - Macro Student Workshop

Fall 2021 - Lutz Hendricks - UNC

Class meets: TBA (the timing will be agreed on at the start of classes to fit everyone's schedule).

Schedule: TBA (signup will happen towards the start of the term).


  • Students sign up for presentations. Each student presents at least one paper per semester.
  • There will typically one presentation per class meeting.
  • However, if time permits, we will set aside one or two sessions for shorter presentations of early stage project ideas. These can be very useful for framing your project and for weeding out ideas that are not promising before you spend a lot of time on them.
  • Presenters make their slides available (also papers, if feasible) at least several days before the presentation.
  • Everyone is expected to participate with constructive comments. This is a team effort.
  • Students are required to attend all presentations.


  • Receive feedback on your research.
  • Learn presentation skills.
  • Learn to participate in (conference) presentations. Making constructive comments.