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Comp econ courses

Computational Econ Courses

Spring 2023

Macroeconomics and Asset Pricing (BUSI899-040) by Prof Gill Segal

  • Prof Segal assumes that students have no experience in Matlab/Dynare, and provides assignments with progressive difficulties in terms of Matlab/Dynare for macro models. This course is highly recommended for students interested in asset pricing and would like to develop some good skills/habits in Matlab/Dynare programming for computational macro models.

International Finance and Macroeconomics (ECON 855) by Prof Laura Castillo-Martinez at Duke

  • The course has some homework assignments which contain some Matlab/Dynare programming of computational macro models. Prof Castillo-Martinez provides some helpful resources to assist students who may not have experience in Matlab/dynare programming.

Prof James Nason (NCSU) usually teaches a course on advanced macroeconometrics and monetary economics in Spring.

Thanks for Anusha Chari for pointing these out.

Fall 2022

Foundations of Macro-Finance at KF.