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Lutz Hendricks
Professor of Economics
UNC Chapel Hill
06C Gardner Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
lhendri at email unc edu

Teaching Spring 2024

Teaching Fall 2024

  • Econ520
  • Econ720: Advanced Macro Theory I (PhD)

  • Waitlists for Fall 2024:

    • Students who meet prerequisites should be able to add themselves to waitlists using ConnectCarolina.
    • Waitlists will open during the second wave of registration.
    • If this fails, e.g. for international students, please contact the Undergraduate Student Services Manager.
    • Please do not contact me with requests to be enrolled. Neither enrollments nor the waitlist are controlled by me. I cannot add you to a course or move you towards the front of the waitlist.

Older Courses

  • Econ520 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
  • Econ720: Advanced Macro Theory I (PhD)
  • Econ920 Macro student workshop


  • I do not have openings for research positions at any level. For PhD program applications, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

  • I don't do interviews.

  • This is my professional web site. Personal content is posted elsewhere.

  • I do not have social media accounts (especially not Fakebook, SnapCheat, InstaScam, or Twister).