Lutz Hendricks - UNC - Department of Economics

Econ692H - Spring 2019 - Syllabus


This is the second semester in the Economics Honors sequence. Students conduct original research under the supervision of faculty members. The end product is an honors thesis.

Students are required to enroll in 691H in the fall and in 692H in the spring. Registration for 692H is automatic for all students enrolled in 691H.


I do not expect any class meetings or presentations (other than the thesis defense – see below). Instead, students will regularly report their progress and receive feedback from their advisor and from myself.


Expectations for a Thesis:

Oral thesis defense

You will give a presentation before a committee that includes your advisor and myself (at least). While your advisor makes the final decisions about this, I suggest to aim for about 10 slides.

During the presentation, the committee will ask questions and make suggestions for improvements. Since everyone will know your paper fairly well, I don’t expect extensive comments.

Defenses are open for anyone to attend. I encourage all students to sit in on some defenses.


Your grade will be entirely based on your thesis and the oral defense.

If you complete the thesis, you will graduate with honors or with highest honors.

If you do not complete your thesis, you must submit a term paper. You will then receive a course grade based on the paper and graduate without honors.