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Undergraduate Honors Program: Introduction

College Of Arts And Sciences – Department Of Economics

The Department of Economics honors program offers outstanding economics students the opportunity to work closely with an individual faculty member on a specialized research topic of the student’s choice during the senior year. Completing a successful honors thesis is the only way to graduate with honors or highest honors in economics at UNC.

Students writing an honors thesis are required to take ECON 691H in Fall 2017 and ECON 692H in Spring 2018.

During the fall semester, students will find a thesis advisor, develop an economics-related research topic, collect data, and prepare a thesis proposal consisting of the review of literature and theoretical and/or empirical models.

In their spring semester, students whose research proposals are accepted will take ECON 692H. During this course, students will complete their thesis, receiving honors or highest honors status after an oral defense in front of a faculty board. Anyone can browse a list of past Honors theses at the Honors Thesis Archive.

Application Process


  1. GPA or 3.5 in economics courses and overall. Accepted students typically have higher GPAs.
  2. High grades in ECON 400 (or a substitute in statistics), ECON410, ECON420, and in at least one 400- or 500-level field course in economics.
  3. ECON 570 (Econometrics) must be taken no later than the fall of the senior year.

Familiarity with statistical software (e.g., STATA) or a programming language (e.g., Matlab) is highly recommended.

To be considered, please submit the application form by email it to Lutz Hendricks. Alternatively, you may submit a hardcopy to Ms. Natasha Gilliam ( by Monday, May 8, 2017.

If you submit your application before Spring 2017 grades are in, you must update it once these grades become available.

Acceptance decisions will be made by June 1, 2017.

For questions, contact Lutz Hendricks.