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Econ691H - Fall 2017

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Acknowledgement: I am drawing heavily on Klara Peter’s material from past years.


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Summary of presentations and discussants

Name Date Thesis Discussant
Burriss Dec–5 The Effect of Social Ties on Mental Health of High School Students in the United States Jimmy Chin
Cecotti Nov–16 Impact of constitutional reform on domestic workers in Brazil Bill Wang
Chin Nov–28 Intergenerational Earnings Mobility in China Chris Burriss
Dolder Nov–30 Risk Preferences and Crime Ben Roberts
Li Nov–16 Proposing before Match: A New Way to Look at Marriage Matching Katie Rha
Mccallen Nov–30 Geopolitical risk and asset prices Zicheng Ye
Qiao Nov–16 Diffusion of Medical Treatment and Market Competitiveness Shuhan Xia
Rha Nov–21 Central bank communication Jiaxi Li
Roberts Nov–21 The Impact of State-Level Abortion Restrictions on Female Labor Supply Zach Saunders
Saunders Nov–21 Price level path targeting Ben Dolder
Suttoni Nov–28 Effectiveness of CDFI Loans to Sm all Businesses on Job Growth in the United States Andre Cecotti
Wang Nov–30 Migrant labor in Singapore Sarah Suttoni
Xia Dec–5 The Short-run Welfare Assessment of Two New Energy Vehicle Policies in China Joe Qiao
Ye Nov–28 REIT Cash Flow Variability and Portfolio Diversification by Property Type Lucas Mccallen