Lutz Hendricks - UNC - Department of Economics

Econ920: Dissertation Workshop

Spring 2017. Prof. Lutz Hendricks. UNC



Presentation Schedule Spring 2017

Date Speaker Topic
11-Jan Organizational meeting n/a
23-Jan Andrew G Regressive Welfare Effects of Housing Bubbles
30-Jan Alex P Border Crossings and Trade
06-Feb Karlye Who Holds the Ball? Asynchronous Monetary Policy Normalization in Systemic Economies and the Yield Curve
13-Feb open slot n/a
20-Feb Ryan postponed to Apr–17
27-Feb Kanat Immigrant characteristics in low income countries
06-Mar Jennifer postponed to Apr–24
13-Mar Spring break No presentation
20-Mar Gonzalo In search of distress risk in emerging markets
27-Mar Wenting Job security and Housing Market
03-Apr David L Monetary Policy Regimes and Real Estate Prices
10-Apr Calebe Global Uncertainty and International Business Cycles
17-Apr Ryan TBA
24-Apr Jennifer Recalibrating Investment Return in the Presence of Capital Adjustment Friction

Presentation Schedule Fall 2016

Date Speaker Topic
Aug–24 n/a Introductory meeting
Sep–8 Andrew G The Source of Aggregate Inequality: Employment and Income Changes from 1999 to 2014
Sep–15 Alex Resource Demand Changes and Spatial Development: Evidence from Above
Sep–22 Ken TBA
Sep–29 Jennifer Return to Capital: Evidence from firm level data of non-financial firms
Oct–6 Wenting Mergers and Acquisitions, Technological Change and Inequality
Oct–13 Gonazalo Corporate Default Risk in Emerging Markets
Oct–20 Fall break n/a
Oct–27 Karlye Tamper Tantrums
Nov–3 Andrew H Secular stagnation and bubble boom-bust
Nov–10 Kanat The Allocation of Talent in Brazil and India
Nov–17 David Monetary Policy Regimes and Real Estate Prices
Nov–24 n/a Thanksgiving
Dec–1 Calebe Global Uncertainty and International Business Cycles


Provide students at the dissertation stage with regular feedback on their research.

Introductory Meeting

Students briefly introduce their research and describe their progress.

Sign up for presentation slots.

Student Presentations

Presenters: please send me your papers at least 1 week before the presentation.

I want to see your slides a few days before the presentation - to make sure they fit the time frame etc. pdf files only, please.

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